Styling With Wallcovering

Wallcovering is a material like wallpaper or textured fabric used in commercial spaces. However, these specialty coatings can benefit your commercial space in multiple ways. Wallcovering can serve a purpose, depending on where you put it and why. 


There are many different types of wallcoverings that serve unique purposes. Wallcoverings include many versatile factors that should be considered, including...

  • Is it breathable?
  • Is it designed?
  • What's the pigment?
  • How scrubbable is it?
  • Is it pliable?
  • And more!

Wallcovering serves as a decorative and sustainable purpose in all commercial applications. This stylish addition is durable, eco-friendly, and can brighten any commercial setting.

Wallcoverings allow you to be creative and functional in your space. Even if your commercial space is high traffic, wallcoverings are up to the test. 

Cochran & Mann has even utilized wallcovering in a few of our commercial projects Reston Station, CEB Office Building, and Hogan Lovell Law Firm. 

Take a deeper look into the world of wallcovering to find out what works best for your next project

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Styling With Wallcovering